Smart QR codes, made simple

  • Create dynamic, editable QR codes
  • Access comprehensive analytics
  • Choose from a variety of designs

create and customize QR codes
  • 1. Choose your QR code content

    1. Choose your QR code content

    Select the material you’d like to share. Link web pages, PDFs, menus, videos, apps and more.

  • 2. Customize the design

    2. Customize the design

    Use™ to easily add logos, colors, frames, patterns and styles to your QR Code.

  • 3. Download, print and share your QR

    3. Download, print and share your QR

    Get your QR code in PNG, SVG or JPG format. Print it or share it digitally. It's as easy as that!

A QR code for every need

No matter what type of content you want to share, you’ll find a QR code that suits you. Click through the icons below to explore your options and view examples.

Website URL QR code generatorWebsite URL QR code generator

Website URL

vCard QR code generatorvCard QR code generator


Facebook QR code generatorFacebook QR code generator


Business Page QR code generatorBusiness Page QR code generator

Business Page

App QR code generatorApp QR code generator


Simple Text QR code generatorSimple Text QR code generator

Simple Text

Video QR code generatorVideo QR code generator


Menu QR code generatorMenu QR code generator


Images QR code generatorImages QR code generator


PDF QR code generatorPDF QR code generator


Social Media QR code generatorSocial Media QR code generator

Social Media

Wi-Fi QR code generatorWi-Fi QR code generator


Website URL
Website URL QR code generator
vCard QR code generator
Facebook QR code generator
Business Page QR code generator
App QR code generator
Simple Text QR code generator
Video QR code generator
Menu QR code generator
Images QR code generator
PDF QR code generator
Social Media QR code generator
Wi-Fi QR code generator™, the most advanced QR code generator

Packed with powerful features, our easy-to-use QR code tool helps improve the impact of your marketing, enhance customer experience and increase engagement.

No website needed

No website needed

No website? No worries. We have created specific, customizable built-in landing pages for all our QR codes.

The smartest QR code around

The smartest QR code around

We have combined Artificial Intelligence and design to create utterly flawless QR codes. They can easily be read by any device on earth.

Infinite customization options

Infinite customization options

No more boring black-and-white QR codes. Add your company logo and attract more scans by tailor-making your QR code with our endless array of easy-to-use customization options.

12+ different QR code types

12+ different QR code types

No matter your QR code need, we’ve got you covered. Create a QR code for something as simple as an image or as complex as a full restaurant menu.

Keep track of everything

Keep track of everything

Our state-of-the-art analytics dashboard provides you with actionable insights about everything, including how many times your QR codes were scanned, where and when...

Download, share, edit

Download, share, edit

No matter what medium you print or display our QR codes on, they’ll maintain high resolution. Download in JPG, PNG or SVG. And change the content whenever you want.

Frequently asked questions

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Your all-in-one QR code marketing platform

Now you can fully customize your QR codes with your brand colors and company logo. Get performance analytics and edit content whenever you like.

your all-in-one QR code marketing platform