Start generating QR codes for images

To generate an easily shareable image QR code for your friends, family, or clients, simply click on the ‘image’ button below, upload up to 10 photos, and design your QR code with an artistic flair.


How to generate a QR code for an image?

To generate a QR code for an image, take these steps:

  1. Open MyQRCode and click Create my QR code,
  2. Choose Images to upload files from your device (alternatively, use the Website URL type for a website image),
  3. Upload up to 10 images in the Image carousel section (5 MB per image),
  4. Add the name, URL, and short description of your images,
  5. Selecting a design for your QR code is entirely optional (change its color, use a frame, select a QR code pattern, add your logo, etc.),
  6. Click Finish to create QR code for image and download it.

With MyQRCode, you can upload an image with a maximum size of 5 MB. Opting for a QR code on your website instead of a large image may be beneficial, as using large images may slow your website down. And a 1-second delay on web page load may cause a 7% reduction in conversions, as Akamai research shows. 

Using QR codes to lead your customers to digital content like images can benefit your business in multiple ways. In particular, users tend to engage with pictures faster and memorize them better than written content. A person will remember nearly 65% of the visual content in 3 days after seeing it, according to the book “Brain Rules” by John Medina. Luckily, you can communicate your brand’s message more effectively by generating QR code for image on any web page, including your website, significantly raising customer reach (SienceDirect, 2023)

How to generate a QR code for any image or photo on the web?

To generate a QR code for any image or photo on a web page:

  1. Open the website and pick the photo you want to create your QR code for,
  2. Copy the image’s URL and go to,
  3. Click the Create my QR code button,
  4. Select your QR code type (Website URL),
  5. Name your QR code and paste your image’s URL,
  6. Customize your QR code design by choosing a frame, color, QR code pattern, and corner style,
  7. Click Finish to preview your QR code and download it.

To copy the URL of an image or a photo from a web page, right-click the image and select “Copy Image Link.” If you’re using a mobile device, tap “More” on the top right of the image. Next, tap “Share” > “Copy.”

Using a QR code to share photos from your website with your customers is a result-driven way to make people quickly recognize your brand. Personalized visual content is one of the key approaches in modern marketing. It decreases cart abandonment rates by 17%, boosts clickthrough rates by 150%, and improves conversion rates by 200%, as a Hyperise study claims. Besides, you can use MyQRCode as an image QR code generator for several photos or even an image gallery.

How to generate a QR code for an image gallery or several photos?

To generate a QR code for an image gallery or several photos, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to,
  2. Select Create my QR code,
  3. Choose the Images QR code type,
  4. Upload your images by clicking the Upload images button in the Image carousel section,
  5. Add a title, brief description, and website URL for your QR code,
  6. Enable the Share box to let users share your gallery, 
  7. Change the design of your custom image QR code by adjusting its color, frame, and shape,
  8. Check your QR code, download it, and share your images with customers.

Note that you can upload up to 10 images with a size of up to 5 MB per image. MyQRCode supports the most popular image formats. Use our tool as your JPG, SVG, or PNG QR code generator. All three are the most popular image formats for websites today. JPG was at the top of the list until 2017, when PNG surpassed it. The popularity of SVG has risen dramatically since 2014, and now it holds 3rd place, being used on 55% of websites, according to W3 Trends.

The use of visual content in marketing has proven to be result-driven. Over 60% of companies rely heavily on visuals in their campaigns, and more than 50% consider such content essential to their business strategies (Venngage, 2022). Therefore, generating an image QR code for galleries or carousels is an efficient way to engage your audience without taking up much space on a restaurant menu, product package, or business card. In this context, MyQRCode emerges as the superior choice for creating these interactive elements. Its advanced technology enables seamless integration of visually appealing QR codes, enhancing user engagement while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your materials. With MyQRCode, you’re not just adding a QR code to your restaurant menu; you’re incorporating a smart, interactive feature that enriches your customer’s experience.

For example, several images can introduce various products or serve as step-by-step tutorials. With MyQRCode, you can upload them from your device or an online storage service like Google Photos.

How to create a QR code for Google Photos images?

To generate a QR code for Google Photos images:

  1. Enter your Google account, go to Google Photos, and find the desired image,
  2. Copy the URL of the image from Google Photos,
  3. Open MyQRCode and click the Create my QR code button,
  4. Choose Website URL as your QR code type,
  5. Name your QR code and insert your image’s URL in the Website URL field,
  6. Click Next to change your QR code’s design (add a logotype, change the code’s color and shape, etc.),
  7. Click Finish, download your QR code, and share it.

To copy the URL of a Google Photos image, select your chosen photo (click the circle in its upper left corner) and click the share icon at the top right corner. Next, choose “Get link” and press Ctrl C on Windows or Command C on Mac. Once you copied the photo’s URL to your clipboard, paste it into the MyQRCode generator to get your Google Photos QR code.

Although Google Photos was designed for personal usage, many businesses also adopt this platform – in particular, generate QR codes to share images more efficiently with team members and end customers. Indeed, Google Photos is one of the most popular photo storage and sharing services, with over a billion yearly users (Wired UK, 2023). On top of that, you can also generate a QR code for photos stored on other popular hosting services, including iCloud, OneDrive, and Amazon Photos. 

How to generate a QR code for an image on iCloud, OneDrive, Amazon Photos, or other image hosting services?

To generate a QR code for Amazon Photos, iCloud, or OneDrive images with MyQRCode, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your chosen hosting service and copy the URL of the required image,
  2. Open in your browser and click Create my QR code,
  3. Pick the Website URL as your QR code type,
  4. Paste your image’s URL into the Website URL section 
  5. Create a title for your QR code,
  6. Click Next and customize your QR code design if necessary,
  7. Click Finish to review your QR code for a hosting service image,
  8. Download your QR code and share it.

If you wonder how to copy the URL of a photo on these hosting services, here’s your step-by-step guide:

  • To copy the URL of a photo stored on iCloud, open iCloud > Photos and select the image you want to share. Next, click the share icon, select Share Options, and choose the Copy Link option.

  • To copy the URL of an image from OneDrive, enter your OneDrive account and choose the right photo. Then, right-click the photo and select Embed from the menu. Finally, click Generate in the right corner of the screen.

  • To copy the URL of a photo stored on Amazon Photos, head to your Amazon Photos library and select the photo. Next, click the Share icon at the top and choose Link > Get Share Link.

As of January 2023, Google Cloud hosts more than 1.42 million websites (AAG IT Services, 2023) Meanwhile, OneDrive has approximately 445 million users. Amazon Photos doesn’t disclose the number of its users. However, after a massive redesign in 2021, it became the biggest rival of Google Photos, according to Forbes (2022). But whatever image hosting service you prefer, it’s easy to make QR code for photos stored online with MyQRCode. Unlike with a free QR code generator, you can customize your QR code designs for business purposes, incorporate your brand’s logo, add buttons, and even host some images directly on MyQRCode.

Can I make a QR code for an image hosted on MyQRCode?

Yes, you can make a QR code for an image hosted on MyQRCode by taking these steps:

  1. Open MyQRCode and click the Create my QR code button,
  2. Select Image as the desired QR code type,
  3. Name your QR code and upload your images to host them in your MyQRCode account, 
  4. Customize the design of your QR code for images (optional),
  5. Check your QR code and download it,
  6. Share it with the audience.

Note that while storing files in a QR code is possible, you can only upload up to 10 images at once with MyQRCode. To fill your QR codes with images, open MyQRCode, enter your account, and head to the QR Codes section. Click on the three dots menu icon and select Edit to access the content of your QR code. You can change its title and design, remove the existing images, and upload new ones if necessary. Additionally, MyQRCode is an excellent tool for Instagram users. By generating a custom QR code, you can effortlessly guide followers to your gallery, a specific post, or a promotional page, enhancing engagement and providing a seamless user experience directly from your Instagram profile.

Remember that product images and photos directly impact customers’ purchasing decisions. Over 80% of online shoppers say that visual elements are “very” and “extremely” influential, as eMarketer reports in their recent research. Allowing your customers to scan image QR code will make it easier to convey the value of your products or services to your target audience.

Incorporating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy

Generating a QR code for an image can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to engage with their audience and improve their marketing strategy. By using MyQRCode, you can easily create and customize QR codes for your images, allowing customers to quickly and easily access your visual content. Whether you’re looking to share a single image or an entire gallery, QR codes offer a unique and interactive way to connect with your audience. Incorporating QR codes into your marketing materials, such as restaurant menus, product packaging, and business cards, can enhance user engagement and provide a seamless customer experience. So why not give it a try and see how QR codes can benefit your business today!

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron