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Increase Your Listener Counts with a QR Code for SoundCloud

Introduce Your music and soundtracks to a wide audience of listeners by using SoundCloud QR codes

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How Do I Generate a QR Code for SoundCloud

To generate your own SoundCloud QR code, click ‘SoundCloud URL’ below, link to your SoundCloud profile, and then design your QR code to fit your artistic aesthetic


How Do I Use SoundCloud QR Codes to Increase Listener Counts?

SoundCloud QR codes can be shared across a variety of digital and physical spaces, allowing you to access a large audience of SoundCloud users. That means QR codes are the perfect way to get new listeners onto your SoundCloud profile.

Considering that there were nearly 97 million scans of QR codes in 2023 alone (Statista), you could get your music, productions, and soundtracks under the eyes of as many people as possible. 

Especially if you personalize your SoundCloud QR code with the MyQRCode platform. By using our SoundCloud QR Code Generator, you can tweak the color, change QR patterns, and even add your artist or SoundCloud logo to ensure that it catches the eye of potential fans.

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  • Share Your SoundCloud QR Code on Social Media

    There’s no better way of building up your SoundCloud audience than sharing your QR code on social media. Especially if you’ve already got a solid following. Even if you haven’t, you can get your family and friends onto your SoundCloud profile; everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Put Your SoundCloud QR Code on Business Cards

    If you’re a producer or musician looking to network with other artists, consider putting your SoundCloud QR code on a business card. That way, every artist you connect with can check out your material, opening up gateways to future collaborations.
  • Put Your SoundCloud QR Code on Posters

    If you’re beginning to advertise yourself professionally (or even partaking in some guerilla marketing), be sure to add a QR code for SoundCloud so that any curious viewers can check out your music!

For musicians and audio creators looking to broaden their audience, MyQRCode’s SoundCloud QR Code Generator is a game-changer. This innovative tool lets you create QR codes that link straight to your SoundCloud tracks or profile. By integrating these QR codes into promotional materials, social media, or event flyers, you make it incredibly easy for fans and new listeners to access your music with just a quick scan. This approach not only simplifies the process of discovering and enjoying your music but also encourages sharing, helping your tracks reach a wider audience. Whether you’re an emerging artist or an established musician, the SoundCloud QR Code Generator is an essential tool for amplifying your presence and engagement on one of the world’s most popular music platforms.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron