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Transport users to all manner of Reddit pages using QR codes, easily shareable to friends, family, and followers on other social platforms

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How Do I Generate a QR Code for Reddit?

To generate your own Reddit QR code, simply click ‘Reddit URL’ below, paste the link to a profile, thread, topic, or page, and then design a QR code in any way you want.


Why Should I Use a QR Code for Reddit?

Reddit QR codes can be shared across all manner of digital platforms, allowing you to share memes, topics, threads, and more with audiences all across the web. Plus, they’re perfect for drawing users to your Reddit profile, especially useful if you’re looking to promote yourself as a creator on the platform.

And if you’re using the MyQRCode platform to generate your QR codes for Reddit, you’ve got full control over the design aspects of your QR codes. Change colors, add borders, tweak QR patterns and corner squares, and even add a logo for that extra layer of personality.

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  • Share Reddit QR Codes on Social Media

    QR codes for Reddit can be easily shared across all social media platforms, allowing you to reach as many audiences as possible. Whether you’re trying to draw users from Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, QR codes make the process simple.
  • Send Reddit QR Codes in Digital Messages

    If you’re looking to share specific threads or memes with your friends, QR codes for Reddit can easily be uploaded into your chats. They’re compatible with platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, allowing you to send QR codes on your favorite messaging platforms.
  • Add Reddit QR Codes in Video Banners

    If you’ve got a following on video sharing platforms like YouTube, you can add a QR onto a banner that your audience can scan to join your Reddit fan pages. It’s the perfect way to interact with your fans, especially if you use QR codes that feature your personal logos.

Engaging with the diverse and dynamic Reddit community just became more accessible with MyQRCode’s Reddit QR Code Generator. This tool offers Reddit users a novel way to connect by creating QR codes that lead directly to their profiles, specific posts, or favorite subreddits. It’s an ideal solution for anyone looking to increase their visibility and interaction within the Reddit community. Whether you’re sharing insightful content, promoting a discussion, or inviting others to join a subreddit, these QR codes make it incredibly simple for other users to find and engage with your Reddit presence. Just a quick scan can open up new avenues for communication and community building, making the Reddit QR Code Generator a valuable tool for both seasoned Redditors and newcomers alike.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron