Generate a QR Code for Text in Minutes

To Generate a QR code text for communicating product details, contact information, nutritional facts, and more, simply click the ‘Text’ button below, write or paste your text, and then design a QR code to fit your personal or professional style.


How to create a QR code for text?

To create a QR code for simple text, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to MyQRCode and click Create QR code,
  2. Choose Simple Text as your preferred QR code type,
  3. Create a name for your QR code,
  4. Enter the text you want to display,
  5. Design your QR code by picking colors, patterns, and frames,
  6. Review and click Finish to generate a QR code.

Please note that MyQRCode’sText QR code allows you to input up to 500 characters, equivalent to 70-130 words. If you need to enter a longer text, explore the 11 other options in our QR code generator. For example, you can embed a PDF file or link to your blog with the text.

Besides offering a wide range of QR code types, MyQRCode goes the extra mile by ensuring full mobile-friendliness. It means you can create text QR codes right on your smartphone. Considering that 58% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices (as per Statista, 2023), our team prioritized every user by including this feature in our tool.

If you prefer generating QR codes from your desktop, MyQRCode offers a convenient dashboard and editor. There, you can not only create a QR code within just five simple steps but also leverage our comprehensive analytics tools.

What types of information can be encoded in QR codes for text?

Our QR code generator allows for encoding the following information in a text QR code:

  • Contact details: Turn your QR code into a virtual business card, sharing your contact information effortlessly.
  • Product information: Embed product details like names, specs, and serial numbers for easy access in retail or manufacturing.
  • Brief messages: Leverage text QR codes for impactful communication in ads, manuals, and more.
  • Menu items: Detail your restaurant menu with QR codes, including info on dish ingredients and nutritional facts.

On top of the above examples, you can use MyQRCode to generate QR code containing information on the museum’s exhibits. Our tool also allows you to embed educational content, improving interactive learning experience.

Speaking of the menus, MyQRCode offers a digital restaurant menu QR code generator. By leveraging this feature, you can input menu items with their names, detailed descriptions, and prices. Even better, you can enhance your business projects and expand your reach by creating two-language menus through MyQRCode.

How can simple text QR codes enhance my business or personal projects?

Our QR code generator’s text QR codes can enhance your business and personal projects in the following scenarios:

  • Marketing: Use text QR codes in promotional materials, product packaging, posters, brochures, or flyers.
  • Event organization: Leverage QR codes on invitations or materials to provide event details and schedules.
  • Networking: Share your contact info, a short bio, and other important details through QR codes.
  • Payment: Simplify payments by encoding payment information in text QR codes.

Using our plain text to QR code converter for sharing payment details is a big step forward. The QR code payment market is expected to grow from almost $12 billion in 2023 to over $55 billion in 2033, as per Future Market Insights, 2023. Our experts ensure MyQRCode keeps up with the trend and provides a way to streamline payments.

Are plain text QR codes secure and private?

Text QR codes generated with MyQRCode are secure and private, as we ensure:

  • Control over content: You choose what information to include in the QR code and can deactivate it whenever necessary.
  • Security audits: We regularly check our QR code maker for issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Regulatory compliance: We collect and store your QR code details following data protection laws.
  • Transparent privacy policy: Our team provides a clear privacy policy that outlines how your data is handled.

MyQRCode takes privacy and security seriously. It is safe to create a QR code with our tool since our team diligently implements robust security measures. We do not disclose your information without your consent and prioritize the highest standards of data confidentiality.

Text QR Codes: A Helpful Tool for Sharing Information

To sum it up, text QR codes are a straightforward and effective way to share information and improve your business or personal projects. Whether you need to share contact details, product information, a quick message, or menu items, MyQRCode’s text QR code generator has got you covered. With the ability to create QR codes on both desktop and mobile devices, and the option to customize the design to match your brand, you have plenty of options to choose from.

At MyQRCode, we believe in making things simple and approachable. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to create QR codes that not only serve a practical purpose but also connect with your audience on a personal level. So why wait? Start creating text QR codes today and take your communication to the next level, all while keeping things friendly and approachable.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron