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QR Code Generator for YouTube

How to generate a QR code for YouTube?

To generate a QR code for the YouTube social and video-sharing network, this is something you ought to do:

  1. Go to MyQRCode, choose Create my QR code, and go to Social Networks,
  2. Scroll down and select YouTube channel in the list of available social networks,
  3. Add the URLs of your promoted videos.
  4. Insert the URL, add a short description, and create the headline for your YouTube QR code,
  5. (Optional) Customize the QR code design (e.g., upload images, add a long description, add frame text),
  6. Click Finish and download the result.

Please note that you’ll need at least two social networks to create a QR code for social media. If you need a QR code for only one platform, use the website QR code generator option. Also, with our YouTube QR code generator, you can promote your most important videos, for instance, introductory videos or some playlists. Moreover, if you have multiple YouTube channels, you can create a single QR code for all of them. 

Once you get your YouTube QR code, it will be an effective tool to engage viewers, especially if you need to bring your offline audience online to a YouTube video. Over 80% of content creators prefer using a QR code maker to create branded experiences, according to the 2023 QR Code Trends Report — so don’t forget to add a YouTube logo in the final stage of QR code creation. This white-and-red icon will clearly indicate where the code you’ve generated leads at a glance. 

How to generate a QR code for a YouTube video?

To generate a QR code for a YouTube video:

  1. Go to MyQRCode, choose QR code Generator, and go to the Video section,
  2. Paste the link to the YouTube video in the Add videos field and type its title,
  3. (Optional) Include other videos (up to 10 in total), specifying their links, titles, and descriptions.
  4. (Optional) Customize the design of your QR code with extra information and colors,
  5. Check if the “Share” button is activated.

You can make as many QR codes as you like with MyQRCode. Run the same process for each YouTube video link to generate unique QR codes for each video on your channel.

Our QR generator is one of the quickest ways to get the offline audience to your YouTube video. They are highly likely to have an account on this social networking platform, as YouTube, with its 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, is surpassed in popularity only by Facebook (January, Statista, 2023). Mind you, potential viewers won’t need to copy-paste the link or search for your video using keywords. 

How to generate a QR code for a YouTube channel?

To generate a QR code for a YouTube channel, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Website URL in the menu of QR code types,
  2. Paste the link to your YouTube channel and click Next,
  3. (Optional) Customize the QR code design with frame, pattern, corner style, dot type, and a logo,
  4. Click Finish and access the QR code in your account.

The QR you create with MyQRCode is dynamic and can be modified at any time. Find the link to a QR code generated for a YouTube channel in your account, click Edit, and make the necessary modifications.

With the YouTube QR code, you can reach potential viewers offline and turn them into the active online audience of your YouTube channel. The same bridging approach applies to desktop and mobile version users. So consider a QR code for a YouTube channel or YouTube profile as an optimal tool to increase awareness of your video content.

How to generate a QR code for my YouTube profile?

To generate a QR code for the YouTube profile, you need to:

  1. Access MyQRCode QR Code Generator and select Website URL,
  2. Insert the link to your YouTube profile and click Next,
  3. (Optional) Adjust the appearance of your QR code (frame, pattern, logo, etc.),
  4. Finish the generation process and find the new QR code in your account.

You can increase your YouTube views and subscriber count by including a QR code on any promotional materials you create. Marking QR codes is popular among users of all ages, with 54% of those aged 18-29 doing so and 48% of those aged 30-44 doing so (Statista, 2023). 

Additionally, you can use our free QR code generator to advertise your YouTube profile on other social networks. You can, for example, download or copy the link to QR code for your account and put it into a Tweet or a Facebook post.

How to generate a QR code for a YouTube comment?

To generate a QR code for the YouTube comment, you need to:

  1. Go to MyQRCode and select Website URL as your QR code type,
  2. Insert the link to your YouTube comment and click Next,
  3. (Optional) Customize the appearance of your QR code,
  4. You’re all set! Check your QR code, download it, and share it with your customers.

Importantly, unlike a video or live translation, sharing a YouTube comment elsewhere is a tall order, as YouTube has hidden the link generation for comments. Now, on YouTube, you can only reply, react, and report a comment; there is no Share button. To find the URL to a specific comment, you need to open the desktop YouTube version and click the timestamp near the comment you want to share. After YouTube refreshes the page with the selected comment on top, copy the new URL.

Once you get the URL, you can try to turn the link into the QR code just like as described above. However, those who will scan this code will still see the video, and they will need to scroll down to find the particular comment you’ve shared. 

Unfortunately, until YouTube restores the Share button for comments, that is the best you can do to share the YouTube QR code elsewhere.

How to generate a QR code for a YouTube live stream?

To generate a QR code for a Youtube live stream, you can follow the same steps as for any YouTube video because a YouTube Live URL is essentially no different than the URLs of other videos:

  1. Go to MyQRCode, choose Create my QR code, and pick Video,
  2. Paste the link to your live translation in the Add videos field, create its title, description, and upload the welcome image,
  3. (Optional) Add extra elements to the QR code generated (frames, dot design, etc.)
  4. Ensure the “Share” button is activated

NB, if you use Video-option in our QR Code Generator, you’ll get more tools to customize the QR code appearance. However, if you need to make it fast, it’s better to use a Website URL instead.

Wondering how to get a link to your live video on YouTube? Find the stream in the Live section on your YouTube profile, press the dots to the right of the title (you should hover over the caption to see them on a desktop), choose Share, and copy the URL. You will get a https://www.youtube.com/live/… URL, which redirects a user to a regular https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… URL. Or just type https://www.youtube.com/@YourChannelName/live, replacing ‘YourChannelName’-part with the name of your channel.

If you work in the events industry, you can share your upcoming live translation on printed materials together with the details of your live stream ahead of time. The YouTube QR code will raise awareness of your video content and attract offline users.

Alternatively, you can share your event’s highlights, such as live streaming of a wedding or a birthday celebration, with individuals who got your invitation but are unable to attend owing to distance. In this case, you might include a dynamic QR code on the invitation letter and update the link as the event approaches. MyQRCode will assist you regardless of the video hosting platform you choose: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, or another.

How to generate a QR code for Twitch, Vimeo, TikTok, DailyMotion, Facebook, or other video hosting platforms?

To generate a QR code for Twitch, Vimeo, Tiktok, DailyMotion, Facebook, or another hosting platform, if you need to direct users to a specific video, try the following steps:

  1. On MyQRCode, click Video type in the QR Code Generator menu,
  2. Go to the Add videos field and paste the link. Note that you should invent a title for it to proceed,
  3. (Optional) Customize the QR code design with dot style and logo,
  4. Download the generated QR code to share it. 

If you want to share your channel or profile on a hosting platform other than YouTube, create a QR code using the Website URL QR type:

  1. Go to MyQRCode generator and choose Website URL in the main menu,
  2. Paste the link to your video content and click Next,
  3. (Optional) Improve the design of your QR code with logo, frames, and dot style,
  4. Access the generated QR code on your MyQRCode account.

If you want to share several videos from your video hosting platform, you can generate separate QR codes for them on MyQRCode. For example, if you decide to go to Social Networks as your preferred QR code type, you can customize QR codes for Facebook and YouTube by selecting these social network channels. If you choose the Video QR type, you can upload up to 10 videos at once.

While considering where to upload your videos, take into account the differences between audiences of different platforms. For instance, in the US, TikTok and Snapchat are twice as popular among people aged 18-34 than those aged 35-54 (Statista, 2022).

One of the benefits of using MyQRCode is the ability to generate bulk QR codes for different videos on different platforms — you can do this on the same page and demonstrate it together to your users. 

What are the benefits of using MyQRCode to create QR codes for YouTube?

The benefits of using MyQRCode to create QR codes for YouTube are:

  1. Four-step process: Generating a QR code is easy to follow and intuitive in MyQRCode.
  2. Ability to upload several videos at once: In our QR code maker, you can add up to 10 videos on one page.
  3. Working with different video content types: MyQRCode lets you create QR codes for separate videos, a group of videos, and entire channels and profiles on YouTube. Also, you can do the videos on other video hosting platforms (like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Facebook).
  4. Various customization options: You can add text under the QR code and choose among five frame types, six dot styles, three frame styles, and dozens of colors.  
  5. YouTube logo: Our QR code generator lets you put the white-and-red icon to indicate the social network of your video content.
  6. Unlimited QR codes: Create a separate QR code for every media channel that you use to track its effectiveness.

YouTube QR code generation via MyQRCode makes your YouTube content easier to reach and promote to offline users, along with your audience on other social networks. It’s one of the quickest ways to lead offline users to your YouTube video, profile, or channel.