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  • Use a prompt to describe the art you want
  • Test the AI QR code with your mobile device

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AI QR codes may not be scannable for some devices.
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What can you do with AI QR Codes?

AI QR Codes use stable diffusion technology to embed a QR code within an AI generated image. The resulting code can be scanned by QR code readers and functions like a regular QR Code.

The scannability of your code depends greatly on the prompt used to generate the art. Use the scanner on your phone to test your code!

AI QR Codes are a good option for any person or business looking to do something creative with QR codes, from restaurants looking to embed their menu QR code in the image of a burger, to businesses looking to make an impression on digital signage.

What can you do with AI QR Codes

How to create AI QR codes

Get creative and generate AI QR codes with cool artwork for personal or professional use.

  • Step 1

    Enter the URL you want to link to

    Using our free AI QR code generator, permanently link to any URL from your QR code.

  • Step 2

    Enter your prompt describing the art

    Add a prompt which describes the art you want to combine with your QR code.

  • Step 3

    Download, print and share your QR code

    Download your QR Code for free. Print it or share it digitally. We appreciate your attribution. 💖