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Generate a dynamic QR code for your link or URL. Customize it with your own logo, track scans, and edit URL any time without changing QR code.

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Link QR Code Generator

Your QR code will open any URL, website or webpage you link it to. By simply scanning your unique QR code with a smartphone, you will open any website or webpage you chose. Easy, fast, professional! Whether it’s a URL, website, or webpage, or other type of link, just link it with your QR code and watch the magic happen.  

How to generate a link QR code?

To generate a link QR code takes 6 steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on ‘Create my QR code.’
  3. Choose the Website URL option, it’s the link QR code generator.
  4. Name your code and insert the link.
  5. Customize your link to QR code, tweaking its appearance.
  6. Download and share it.

Most QR codes will lead to a link, although some may contain file downloads or media. When creating a QR code it is best to use an HTTPS link, as some browsers will warn users against opening unsecured links.

How to generate a QR code for an HTTPS or HTTP URL?

Before you generate a QR code for an URL, remember the difference between HTTP and HTTPS URLs. The latter symbolizes that the site is safe to visit and put data into, as the S stands for “secure”. HTTPS has been the safety standard since May 2000. According to the HTTP Archive, up to 95.7% of all websites use this protocol because it’s better for security. Here are the steps for creating the code for an HTTPS or HTTP URL:

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Create my QR code’.
  3. Tap on the Website URL option.
  4. Insert your HTTP or HTTPS link.
  5. Give your code a name and customize it.
  6. Download the resulting QR code.

Try to always create an HTTPS QR code instead of a regular HTTP one. It is better to go for the secure version of the link to make sure those who follow it will have a safe connection. 

How to generate a QR code for an FTP link?

To generate a QR code for an FTP link, do the following:

  1. Head to
  2. Choose ‘Create my QR code’.
  3. Pick the Website URL option.
  4. Enter your FTP link, which should lead to a file.
  5. Customize the code and download it.
  6. Share it with your audience.

In addition to a regular FTP link, you can use its secure alternative, FTPS. Alternatively, SFTP is a SSH-based variation, that can also be used to link to file downloads. FTP links work similarly to URLs, but will require specific apps to be processed on mobile. 

QR codes created for an FTP link may require the inclusion of access credentials, same as with mailto: links. This helps ensure that only people with the QR code can reach certain files, guaranteeing security.