Of all things QR codes might be paired with, ceramics might not be the first thing that comes to your head. But, you’d be missing out on the added utility that adding a QR code to these artistic and utile products can bring. 

No worries, though! We here at MyQRCode are here to help. So, if you’re in the ceramics business and wondering how QR codes can change how you interact with ceramic products (and customers), you’re in the right place. Let’s dive right in!

QR Codes on Ceramics: Exploring 4 Use Cases

There are plenty of possibilities to explore in implementing QR codes onto ceramics. Whether you’re looking to make some of the more time-consuming procedures of handling ceramics easier, or you’re looking to give your users a little more information, QR codes can be a big help. Take a look below, as we’ve included four distinct use cases for QR codes on ceramics, to help give you an idea on how they can be utilized. 

Accessible Product Information: QR Codes on Ceramics

We’re currently in the age of information. That means consumers are starting to value having easy access to additional information on their products, like care instructions, environmental impact details, and more. You can help the discerning consumers along their way by providing QR codes on ceramics that take them to digital information pages to alleviate their every curiosity. 

Maintenance Upkeep: QR Codes on Ceramics

QR codes can help consumers keep their ceramic items in tip-top shape. This is especially important, as 25% of consumers prefer accessing maintenance instructions via QR codes (Ceramic Today 2022), which helps to reduce maintenance-related queries by 30% (Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023). 

QR codes on ceramics can also help businesses that stock ceramic items to keep on top of maintenance schedules easily. With a quick scan, workers can check when a ceramic item was last serviced, and when it’s scheduled for repairs. 

Warranty Registration Made Easy: QR Codes on Ceramics

QR codes on ceramics can help customers access warranty details in a matter of seconds. It seems to be a popular way of accessing warranty materials and registration, too, with 40% of ceramic consumers preferring QR codes for warranty registration (Ceramic Today 2022), and QR code usage boosting registration completion rates by 50% (Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023).

Verifying Origin and Authenticity: QR Codes on Ceramics

If you’re dealing in ceramic art, QR codes on ceramics can help improve authentication procedures. As you can probably imagine, offering this option to your customers will vastly impact their levels of trust and satisfaction. If you prove yourself to be a trustworthy seller, you’ll also see higher rates of customer retention, too. 

Exploring the Benefits of QR Codes on Ceramics

There are plenty of benefits to embedding QR codes onto ceramics, regardless of what you’re using the ceramics for. And, since you’ve got a good idea of their use cases, it’s a good idea to explore the benefits of QR codes in a little more depth. 

Channel Customer Engagement with QR Codes on Ceramics

QR codes embedded on any product can have a massive impact on customer engagement. The exact same can be said of QR codes on ceramics. With a 50% increase in engagement reported by Ceramic Today 2022, coupled with a 60% boost in interaction as per Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023, QR codes on ceramics help to create stronger connections between consumers and products, which also helps to increase both satisfaction and loyalty.

QR Codes on Ceramics: Improved Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is the lifeblood of any business. If a company is basically unknown, they won’t be in business for long. By utilizing QR codes on ceramic products. Statistics reveal a 40% increase in brand visibility with QR codes (Ceramic Today 2022), while Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023 reports a 55% boost, solidifying its effectiveness in enriching brand presence.

QR Codes on Ceramics: Better Communication

Communication is extremely important. Thankfully, QR codes help sustain better communication practices between both customers and businesses, and within businesses themselves. As a matter of fact, with QR codes included, brands can significantly reduce errors by 40% (Ceramic Today 2022) and improve communication efficiency by 50% (Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023).

Discover Innovative QR Code Applications in Ceramics

Now we’re moving onto the proper real-world examples. A number of businesses dealing specifically with ceramic materials have implemented QR codes to improve their processes in a multiple ways. Have a look below.

Discover Lowe’s QR Codes on Ceramics

Lowe’s QR codes on ceramics allows for easier access to product information, impacting  brand visibility on ceramic surfaces. Ceramic Today 2022 reports a 20% increase in customer engagement, while Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023 indicates a 25% boost in Lowe’s brand visibility through QR codes on ceramics.

Kohl’s QR Codes on Ceramics: Enhancing Customer Experience

Kohl used QR codes on ceramics to great effect. By scanning QR codes on ceramics, customers experience a 30% increase in satisfaction (Ceramic Today 2022) and a 25% rise in repeat purchases (Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023), which helped to streamline their shopping journey and promote an increased feeling of brand loyalty.

Macy’s QR Codes on Ceramics

By incorporating QR codes on ceramics, Macy’s saw an uptick in customer engagement by 30% (Ceramic Today 2022) and boosted brand visibility by 25% (Ceramic Industry Magazine 2023).

QR code generator for ceramics

And with that, we’ve reached the end. As you can see, with only a small implementation, you can completely change business practices, and have a greater impact in terms of customer satisfaction, engagement and interaction.

Want to get involved? The good news is you can. With MyQRCode’s QR Code Generator, you can design a QR code to fit with your brand aesthetics, which will help you communicate with your customers much more efficiently. So what’s stopping you? Get those creative juices flowing and make your own QR code today!