QR codes for bottles are increasingly popular. With the small addition of a black and white square (or colored depending on brand aesthetics), you can provide your consumers with supplementary information, including topics like ingredient makeup of your drink, sourcing materials, and more.

It’s something that can have a huge impact on your customers, especially considering that over 70% of US consumers prefer products with QR codes on the bottle, according to Statista 2022. The bottle’s material, be it glass, plastic, or metal, can help brands increase engagement, with QR codes leading to a 25% increase in consumer interaction with brands, as reported by Nielsen 2023. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder more businesses are heading into the world of QR codes and harnessing those benefits for themselves. Intrigued? Dive into the article to learn more about how QR codes on bottles are reshaping customer experience.

QR Codes on Bottles: 4 Use-Cases

There’s plenty of potential uses for QR codes on bottles. As a matter of fact it’s very likely you’ve stumbled across bottles including them as you’ve gone about your weekly shopping. But why are they included? And how can they be beneficial for businesses? We’ve got you covered. Have a look below at some interesting use cases that shows just how effective these bespoke squares can be:

Access Product Information Easily with QR Codes on Bottles

With QR codes, product information is literally just a scan away. Something that consumers apparently appreciate! According to Forbes 2023, 87% of consumers prefer this method for easy access. Business Insider 2022 also notes that around 65% of smartphone users have scanned QR codes on bottles to learn more about a product. It’s a convenient solution for accessing things like supply chain info without the need for overly convoluted labels.

Discover Ingredient Details with QR Codes on Bottles

Ingredient knowledge is important for consumers. Especially if they’re more health conscious, or need to be on the lookout for allergenic ingredients. According to Harvard Business Review 2023, 78% of consumers find it helpful for ingredient details. That’s thanks to the added convenience of only having to scan QR codes, rather than having to trawl through company websites to find the information needed.

Easily Access Nutritional Facts with QR Codes on Bottles

Consumers are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable about the impact nutrition can have on their lives. With QR codes on bottles, you can meet consumers in the middle by providing calorie counts, sugar content, and more, with a simple scan of a smartphone. And according to Nielsen 2023 reports, 86% of consumers prefer using QR codes on bottles to access this type of information. 

Additionally, Mintel 2022 highlights 71% of shoppers have scanned QR codes on bottles specifically for nutritional facts. It’s a convenient way for shoppers to make more informed choices on their dietary decisions.

Verify Manufacturing Date Easily with QR Codes on Bottles

Verifying the manufacturing date on bottles is especially important for fresh drink options, ensuring that consumers are only picking up the freshest products. QR codes ensure this can be done easily. Statista 2023 reports 82% of consumers trust QR codes for this purpose, while Packaging Digest 2022 notes 68% of manufacturers implement QR codes for manufacturing date verification, which improves transparency and trust in the supply chain.

Exploring the Advantages of QR Codes on Bottles Surface: Benefits Unveiled

There’s plenty of reasons to start implementing QR codes onto bottles. And the fact is, it’s a cost effective way to supply additional information to consumers and cut down the need for additional packaging materials. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve included some more benefits below: 

Amplify Your Brand with QR Codes on Bottles

QR codes on bottles can be a handy way for consumers to connect to information on your brand and its values quickly. Plus, it can help give your brand the perception of keeping up with the times, especially as Nielsen 2023 reports 67% of consumers look at brands with QR codes on bottles as modern. Additionally, Forbes 2022 highlights 54% of shoppers are more likely to engage with brands using QR codes for enhanced visibility.

Boost Consumer Engagement with QR Codes on Bottles

With QR codes on bottles, consumers have the opportunity to engage with your brand outside of a physical purchase. A sizable benefit for brands looking to increase their digital presence. Nielsen 2023 reveals 74% of consumers engage for product information, while Forbes 2022 indicates 60% interact for exclusive content.

Effective Marketing Strategies with QR Codes on Bottles

It can be a struggle to get your marketing strategies under the eyes of consumers. With QR codes, that struggle is almost completely removed, especially as 83% of marketers experience improved campaign efficiency with their addition (via Marketing Week 2023). The fact that they’re entirely optional experiences, too, allows consumers to access them at their own pace, which will help you foster more positive brand perceptions. 

Eco-Friendly Solutions: QR Codes on Bottles

For the environmentally-conscious brands, this benefit will make all the difference. QR codes reduce paper waste by 60% (Environmental Science & Technology 2023) and decrease carbon footprint by 50% in packaging (GreenBiz 2022). As you can see, implementing small QR codes on bottles can change your production practices massively. Impressive, even if we do say so ourselves. 

QR Code Bottle Labeling Revolution

QR codes on bottle labeling can completely change the game. And while it’s likely you’ve come across QR codes on bottles going about your daily life, it can be difficult to envision just how much they’ve benefited the businesses behind them. Well, look no further, as we provide you with some real life examples which can show you how they’ve helped real-life businesses engage with their customers in new ways. 

  • Heinz’s Innovative Approach to Labeling incorporates QR codes directly onto their bottles, offering consumers instant access to nutritional information and recipes. In 2023, 68% of customers scanned Heinz ketchup bottles, resulting in a 50% surge in website visits.
  • Keurig Dr Pepper’s QR Codes on Bottles are all about offering easy access to promotions and product information. In 2023, 72% of customers scanned QR codes on Keurig Dr Pepper bottles, leading to a notable 55% increase in social media engagement. Additionally, the brand reported a 63% boost in brand loyalty post-implementation.

QR code generator for bottles

So, it’s time to ditch the old-school labels and let your bottles tell their story. With our QR code generator, every bottle becomes a unique interactive experience. There’s never been a better time to properly modernize your brand, so create your own QR code today, designed to fit your brand aesthetics, and see the tangible benefits that they can bring!