QR codes have become a mainstay in multiple different industries. Especially as they seem to be getting more popular by the day. Take for instance, that between 2020 and 2022, there was an impressive 16.7% increase in usage, which just goes to show that more people are beginning to adopt them into their daily lives (Forbes 2023). 

Intriguingly, 57% of consumers find QR codes on paper materials a convenient gateway to further information about products or services (Statista 2022). The humble paper, when paired with QR codes, becomes a tool that transports users to a business’s digital profile, offering an interactive user experience. As you delve deeper into this article, prepare to uncover the true potential of this effective and simplified approach to communication.

QR Codes on Paper: Exploring 4 Practical Use Cases

Paper isn’t just used for the written word anymore. With QR codes, they can be gateways for uses to access a variety of digital information, alongside making a number of processes markedly more simple. 

But if you’re uninitiated in the world of QR codes, you might be wondering just how useful they can be. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve detailed four practical use cases, and the positive impacts they’ve had on the connected industries involved. Have a look for yourself:

Event Ticketing Made Efficient: QR Codes on Paper for Easy Access

Event ticketing has massively benefited from the introduction of paper QR codes. So much so, that its managed to simplify entry with a 30% boost in efficiency (Eventbrite, 2022). Research indicates a positive impact on attendees, too, with 85% of them favoring the convenience of QR code ticketing on paper (Statista, 2023). The statistics underline the practicality and user-friendliness of this approach, making event experiences that much more memorable.

Direct Mail Campaigns: QR Codes on Paper for Easy Access To Digital Profiles

QR codes on direct mail campaigns can provide recipients with quick and easy access to digital content, such as videos, websites, and social media profiles. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, QR codes on direct mail campaigns can increase response rates by up to 45%.

Effortless Dining: Access Menus with QR Codes on Paper for Contactless Convenience

With a simple QR code on paper posters or signs, restaurants can grant diners easy access to a digital menu, reducing physical menu handling by 65% (National Restaurant Association, 2022). Furthermore, 82% of diners prefer using QR code paper to view dining options and food items (Deloitte, 2023). To provide a more versatile experience for diners, it’s crucial that restaurants provide this option.

Discover Your Dream Home: QR Codes on Paper for Real Estate Listings

Real estate as an industry has been putting QR codes on paper to great use, greatly simplifying the home discovery process (Zillow, 2022). Moreover, 75% of homebuyers find QR codes on paper listings helpful for accessing virtual tours and additional property information (National Association of Realtors, 2023).

The Advantages of QR Codes on Paper: Exploring the Benefits

The benefits that QR codes on paper can bring can’t be understated. Whatever your industry, and whatever your niche, you’ll find a use for them. Doing so will bring about a number of advantages that you would have otherwise missed, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it! Take a look below:

QR Codes on Paper: Amplifying Marketing Potential

QR Codes on paper are a strategic move for boosting marketing potential. Studies by Forbes (2023) reveal a 25% increase in consumer engagement compared to traditional materials, leading to higher conversion rates. Additionally, MarketingProfs (2022) found that they can boost website traffic by 30%, broadening marketing reach effectively.

QR Codes on Paper: Heightened Customer Engagement

QR Codes on paper elevate customer engagement by fostering stronger brand-consumer interactions. HubSpot (2023) reports a 20% increase in engagement rates, while Forrester (2022) notes a 15% rise in sales conversions. This indicates their effectiveness in driving purchasing decisions and revenue for businesses.

QR Codes on Paper: Efficient Information Distribution

QR Codes on paper efficiently distribute information, making communication channels much more succinct. Forbes (2023) indicates a 30% faster distribution rate, while MarketingProfs (2022) shines a light on the 15% reduction in printing costs. This makes QR codes on paper a cost-effective solution for augmenting information accessibility and reducing operational expenses.

QR Codes on Paper: Further Brand Visibility

QR Codes on paper amplify brand visibility by 40%, expanding recognition among audiences. HubSpot (2023) confirms this increase, while Forbes (2022) notes a 25% rise in social media engagement. This goes to show that QR codes on paper aren’t just good for expanding your brand’s physical visibility, but also its digital visibility too. 

QR Codes on Paper: Real-Life Examples

As we’ve mentioned, QR codes on paper have revolutionized the way multiple industries handle certain processes and communicate with customers. Below, we’ve included some of the best examples of this in practice. We’ve also tried to highlight companies from different niches, to show that QR codes on paper can benefit any business in any industry:

  • In 2023, over 60% of event tickets in the United States were equipped with QR codes, with major companies like Ticketmaster leading the transition
  • In the retail sector, QR codes printed on product packaging saw a 75% increase in usage from 2021 to 2022, with companies like Walmart and Target implementing them for enhanced customer engagement
  • Starbucks has used QR codes on paper cups to promote its mobile app and rewards program. According to a study by Statista, 32% of consumers in the United States have scanned a QR code on a restaurant menu or packaging.
  • The New York Times has used QR codes on paper advertisements to provide readers with additional information about advertised products. According to a study by Nielsen, QR codes in print advertisements can increase brand recall by up to 47%.

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