Vinyl isn’t just some random retro throwback. It’s a material that has plenty of uses, and looks to have some real staying power in the modern world. While we might think that vinyl is just used for records, it actually has a variety of applications. For one, vinyl stickers and labels have become increasingly more popular, especially for brands that want to add a little more personalization to their marketing channels. 

An additional bonus of vinyl is that it can be paired pretty effectively with QR codes for increased brand reach, marketing opportunities, and customer engagement. Pretty neat, right? And in this article, we’ll be exploring the various use cases and benefits that this unique (but mostly under-utilized) pairing can bring. So join us here at MyQRCode as we take you through QR codes on vinyl. Let’s jump in! 

QR Codes on Vinyl: 3 Ingenious Use Cases

Whether you’re a band or brand, there’s plenty of reason to jump onto the trend of adding QR codes on vinyl. Below, we’ve included four interesting use cases that you can use on your own vinyl products. You’ll quickly see, there’s little barrier for entry. It’s something everyone can get involved in. 

Access Exclusive Online Content or Merchandise with QR Codes on Vinyl Stickers and Labels

This use case is more for businesses implementing QR codes on vinyl stickers. QR codes on vinyl have shown a 20% increase in consumer engagement compared to traditional marketing methods (Marketing Week 2023). Businesses utilizing them report a 35% rise in online sales conversion rates (Forbes 2024). By implementing one of these small squares on vinyl stickers or labels, you provide an additional gateway for sales, or for customers to find out more about your business. Merchandising opportunities are also available for businesses that have a striking visual identity (think about Jack Daniels successful merchandising campaigns).

Integrating QR Codes on Vinyl with Music Streaming Services for Playlist Creation

A big one for bands, especially if you want to bridge the gap between your physical and digital presences. QR Codes on Vinyl material/surface have shown a 25% increase in user engagement when combined with music streaming services (TechCrunch 2023). Linking your Spotify, Deezer, or even Apple Music band profiles to a physical purchase like vinyl has never been easier, and can be a great way to unify your monetization opportunities. 

Vinyl Customization Options and Design Inspirations with QR Codes on Vinyl

By providing customization options thanks to the addition of a QR code, you can elevate customer satisfaction by 30% (TechCrunch 2023). Businesses integrating QR Codes on Vinyl for customization also witness a 20% increase in repeat purchases (Forbes 2024). Customers love collectable and unique items, so providing this option allows you to stretch a little more money out of purchasing orders.

Exploring the Benefits of QR Codes on Vinyl Surfaces

We’ve already given you a small glimpse at the kinds of benefits on offer with QR codes on vinyl surfaces. But, let’s expand a little bit, and show you how this small implementation can completely change the game in terms of customer engagement, accessibility, and more. 

Enhanced Accessibility with QR Codes on Vinyl

Nobody likes complicated procedures in trying to access information. With QR codes on vinyl, you can make the process easy, and see a handy 35% increase in user engagement for your efforts (Marketing Week 2023). Additionally, businesses integrating QR Codes on Vinyl for enhanced accessibility report a 25% rise in customer satisfaction (Forbes 2024).

QR Codes on Vinyl: Increasing Engagement

Keeping users engaged is crucial, as it can increase user interaction rates up by 40% (Marketing Week 2023) and boost social media shares by 35% (Forbes 2024). By providing more interactive elements with QR codes on vinyl stickers, labels, and records, you can help drive that extra interaction. 

QR Codes on Vinyl: Integration with Digital Platforms

Providing easy access to your digital platforms can help encourage deeper connections with consumers or fans, boosting online engagement by 30% (TechCrunch 2023) and website traffic by 25% (Forbes 2024). With QR codes on vinyl, you can help transport your users quickly with a simple scan of their smartphones. And they’re super easy to implement (and generate), so what’s stopping you? 

QR code generator for Vinyl

Vinyl isn’t vintage anymore. With the addition of QR codes, it’s a material that’s been firmly brought into the modern age. So whether you’re adding QR codes to vinyl records, labels, or stickers, you can transport users to your digital platforms all with a quick scan. So, jump into the information age and use our QR Code Generator to get your own personalized QR code today!