Pairing QR codes with grocery stores is a no-brainer! They help to enhance customers’ shopping experience in a number of different ways. For instance, you can put QR codes near food items linking to recipe pages, giving customers some fresh ideas on how to use different ingredients, which could lead them to make a purchase.

Plus, QR codes can be integrated to handle different kinds of processes. Have a look below at the list:

  • Customer Feedback – QR codes can be added at checkouts or near customer service kiosks to facilitate feedback collection. It makes it much more convenient for the customer, as they can fill out a digital form after they’ve finished shopping!
  • Loyalty Programs – Giving customers access to loyalty programs can help turn them into repeat visitors to your store. With a QR code at checkouts, the process of joining loyalty programs is incredibly fast.
  • Product Information – Giving access to additional product information, like dietary and nutritional details, is crucial. And with a QR code, customers can access that information quickly, straight from their smartphones.