Recruitment is a tough industry. Not only do you need to choose the right people to improve your company, but you need to ensure that you’re attracting potential recruits in the right way. And believe us, there’s nothing that will dissuade applicants from applying to a company more than lengthy application procedures. 

Thankfully, you can reduce some of the hassle associated with applying, by using QR codes for recruitment. They can help transport potential applicants to the pages that actually matter to them, and will completely modernize the process at hand. Want to find out how? MyQRCode is here to help! So join us as we look at QR codes in recruitment. Let’s get started.

Why QR Codes Are Essential for Modern Recruiting

QR codes for recruitment are helping to change the game for modern recruiting practices. They can be implemented in a number of different ways, like a QR code on a job poster which links to the actual job posting online. And considering how heavily used QR codes are nowadays, with around 27 million QR codes scanned in the first three months of 2024 alone, it’s a recruitment strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked.

QR Codes: A Game-Changing Tool for Modern Recruitment Strategies

Considering how common smartphones are, it’s no wonder that they’re a very popular way to access the internet. As a matter of fact, over 60% of all internet traffic comes from users on smartphones (ExplodingTopics). That means that companies should expect that number of applicants will access recruitment materials through their mobile phones. 

Recruitment QR codes can help those users access those materials much quicker. Considering the fact that application completion rates suffer when applicants have to meander through long application processes (AIHR). By implementing a QR code for recruitment you can keep those application rates up, as you’re offering more convenient access to the proper recruitment pages. 

Pros of QR Codes for Recruiting: Modern Hiring Simplified

There’s plenty of benefits to implementing QR codes for recruitment. For one, it helps your company meet applicants where they are; namely, on their smartphones. Plus, it can help a company seem more modern, which is crucial nowadays. No one wants to join up with a company that seems antiquated, so using QR codes for recruitment can give your brand the perception of being forward-thinking and modern. Check out some other benefits below:

  1. Mobile Recruitment: Around 70% of all applications in 2021 came from a smartphone (Substack). QR codes can help you reach those applicants much more easily. 
  2. Application Increase: Considering the stat we’ve just mentioned, if your application pages are optimized for mobile (and can be accessed with recruitment QR codes), you’ll likely see an increase in application rates.
  3. HR Efficiency: HR processes can be streamlined with the implementation of QR codes. For instance, they can be utilized to share important company information with applicants, including any suitability testing or contracts.
  4. Time-to-Hire: Obviously if you’re making your recruitment materials and pages easier to access for applicants, the time-to-hire is significantly reduced. Especially if you use recruitment QR codes to share relevant materials with your applicants.
  5. Candidate Perception: With QR codes for recruitment, you can give applicants a more modern perception of your company. Your business will seem much more forward-thinking, which might make you a more attractive prospect to applicants.

QR Codes for Talent Acquisition: The Challenges

Despite their advantages, QR codes in recruitment also present some challenges. We recognize that not all candidates may be familiar with or have access to QR code technology, potentially excluding a segment of the job market. Additionally, there are security concerns to consider; QR codes can be used maliciously to direct users to unsafe websites, which might deter some candidates from using them. 

Moreover, relying solely on QR codes can alienate candidates who prefer traditional job search methods or do not have constant access to a smartphone. While appealing to a tech-savvy audience, QR codes might not effectively reach candidates who are less comfortable with technology. Addressing these challenges requires a balanced approach that integrates QR codes with other recruitment strategies to ensure inclusivity and security.

QR code generator for recruiting

QR codes for recruitment bring the companies using them various benefits. Aside from the more modern outlook, you can increase the number of potential hires completing the application process, especially as jobseekers seem to prefer this method over the more traditional avenues. 

Want to make hiring easier? Check out our QR code generator for talent acquisition. It’s simple to use and helps you connect with candidates fast. Give your recruitment a boost and see how it changes the game!