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How Do I Generate a QR Code for Donations?

To generate your own donation QR code, simply click ‘Donation URL’ below, paste the link of your transaction page, and then design a QR code to fit the style and theme of your charity or project.


How Can I Streamline Payments with a Donation QR Code?

Donation QR codes can help streamline your donations by transporting users to your donation transaction pages instantly. This is perfect, because it allows you to raise money either through both physical and digital interactions.

Plus, payments are much more convenient for users as they can use their credit and debit cards to donate. Especially when you consider how popular card payments have become, with around 625 billion card transactions being completed in 2022 alone. If you want the best chances of raising as much funds as possible, it’s crucial that you provide card donation options

Plus, by using MyQRCode’s donation QR Code Generator, you can generate a fully personalized QR code. You can change the color, add borders, choose between QR pattern and corner square presets, and even include your own logo, to facilitate a greater sense of trust amongst your donors. 

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  • Put Your Donation QR Codes on Cards

    If you’re partaking in street fundraising, be sure to include a QR code on cards that users can take away with them. This way, they can send donations on the go, and don’t have to sit through lengthy pitches, making the process much more convenient.
  • Share a Donation QR Code on Social Media

    Donation QR codes can be shared across almost every social media channel, drastically improving your chances to collect more donations. Especially as these QR codes can be shared even further by your audience, allowing you to reach as many potential pledges as possible.
  • Put a QR Code for Donations onto Posters

    Never underestimate the kindness of strangers! If you’ve got posters talking about your initiatives, charities, or projects, make sure to add a QR code so that you can create a residual cash-stream.

Maximizing assistance in the field of fundraising and charity requires as simple and easy a donation method as feasible. To help with this, charities, organizations, and event planners might find great value in MyQRCode’s Donation QR Code Generator. Through the conversion of donation URLs into readable QR codes, this generator allows supporters to make quick and safe contributions. Posted on event banners, websites, or promotional materials, these QR codes eliminate obstacles to donating by enabling contributors to make a donation with a simple smartphone scan. MyQRCode increases the reach and efficacy of fundraising efforts in addition to guaranteeing an easy-to-use donation experience. Utilizing the Donation QR Code Generator, embrace the potential of digital convenience and increase the effect of your charity endeavors.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron