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To generate a QR code for Amazon, which can be included in product brochures, advertisements, and digital signage, click ‘Amazon URL’ below, add the Amazon product URL, and then design your QR code to fit your brand specifications.


How Can I Increase Product Purchases with Amazon QR Codes

Implementing Amazon QR codes across different advertising channels can be a great way to get more eyes onto your Amazon products and boost purchases. Especially when you consider that 37% of users scan QR codes to gain information about a product (Statista), that’s a large audience of people you can get to visit your Amazon pages.

The beauty of QR codes for Amazon is that they can be easily shared across a vast range of digital and physical realms. You can place them in advertisements, digital banners, share them across social media, include them in email promotions, and more. That means they’re an excellent tool to expand your reach and cross-promotion capabilities. 

And if you’re using the My QR Code platform, you can easily design a QR code that becomes an extension of your brand aesthetics, which provides a much more cohesive experience for users. You can change colors, add borders, choose between QR pattern presets, and even add a personalized company logo, too. 

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  • Include Amazon QR Code on Brochures and Flyers

    If you’re promoting your Amazon products with brochures and flyers, be sure to add a QR code for Amazon which will link to your product pages. Afterall, the users scanning these QR codes are very likely to be interested in your product, which could result in a purchase.
  • Put Your QR Code for Amazon in Video Advertisements

    Ad campaigns that are run on platforms like YouTube or even on social media platforms can add a little more interaction and utility with an Amazon QR code. This can be especially useful for YouTube ads, considering nearly half of YouTube viewership takes place on TVs. By implementing a QR code on these ads, users can scan and view your product from the comfort of their sofas.
  • Embed Your Amazon QR Code on Billboards

    For those of you who have a relatively large advertising budget, placing an Amazon QR code on your billboard ads can drastically expand the amount of people your amazon pages reach. Especially if the billboards in question are placed in high-traffic areas in urban zones.

MyQRCode’s Amazon QR Code Generator is a great tool for sellers trying to increase product visibility and sales in the competitive world of online retail. This unique generator allows you to generate QR codes that direct customers to your Amazon listings. These QR codes can be game changers whether you’re a small business owner, an individual vendor, or part of a larger retail operation. You make it exceedingly easy for potential buyers to examine and purchase your products by incorporating them into your marketing materials, social media, or even packaging. This simplified purchasing experience not only improves customer convenience but also promotes conversions and repeat business. The Amazon QR Code Generator is a must-have tool for every Amazon seller looking to stand out in the crowded online marketplace.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron