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Increase Attendee Numbers at Events with a QR Code for Events

Use QR codes to transport users to your event pages effortlessly, and increase the number of event sign-ups

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How to Generate a QR Code for Events?

You can generate your own event QR code by clicking ‘Event URL’ below, pasting the link to your event or sign-up pages, and then designing a QR code to match the look and feel of your event.


How do I Use Event QR Codes to Increase the Number of Event Attendees?

QR codes can increase the number of attendees at your events because they can be embedded on a vast range of promotional materials. Whether you’re promoting your events digitally, or with physical items like brochures, they can transport users to your event and sign-up pages effortlessly.

And as there’s going to be an expected 98 million QR code users by the end of 2024, you can get your events under the eyes of as many people as possible. And this number is likely to continue growing year-on-year. 

Plus, if you want to increase the number of scans your event QR codes get, designing a QR code to fit your event branding can see scan rates escalate by up to 80%! Using the event QR Code Generator on MyQRCode, you’ll be able to change colors, add borders, and include your event logo to catch the eyes of potential attendees easily.

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  • Put Your Event QR Codes on Posters

    Event posters can be placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring they get as many scans as possible. And with a QR code linked to your event sign-up page, you can turn a standard promotional poster into something that actually converts!
  • Embed Your Event QR Codes on Brochures and Flyers

    Adding an event QR code to your brochures and flyers allows you to convert users on the fly, especially when it’s linked to sign-up pages. Plus, by adding a QR code, it encourages users to actually interact with your promotional materials.
  • Share Your Event QR Codes on LinkedIn

    For professional events, there’s no better place to post your event QR code than on LinkedIn. That’s because you can advertise specifically to individuals in your event niche, ensuring you’re only targeting professionals who would find your event valuable.

With the My QR Code generator for events, you can make it easier for possible attendees to buy tickets or reserve places for your events. They can be embedded on a variety of physical advertising materials, like posters, billboards, and more, to ensure that viewers have an easy and convenient way to access information about your event, and buy tickets.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron