Share memories with wedding photo QR codes

Share memories with wedding photo QR codes

You can easily use QR codes to share wedding photos across physical items like thank you cards, providing quick access to shots of your special day for your loved ones.

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How to Generate a QR Code for Wedding Photos

To generate your own wedding photo QR code, simply click ‘Wedding Images’ below, upload up to ten snaps from the big day, and then design a QR code that matches the aesthetics of thank you cards, weddings, and more.


How can I use a QR code to share my wedding photos easily?

Wedding photo QR codes can be included on practically anything. Whether you’re sharing them on social media, including them on your website, or implementing them on a physical item, QR codes can transport users to your wedding photos in a matter of seconds.

QR codes for wedding photos are a sleek and modern method for sharing the cherished memories from your big day. With just a simple scan, guests can access a curated gallery of up to ten photos from your wedding, ensuring they see only the best images.
Plus, QR codes can be generated for each guest, allowing you to make specific image carousels that actually include the guest, providing a much more personalized experience for your friends and family. 
And with My QR Code, you can design your QR code to fit the aesthetics of your wedding easily. Change colors, add borders, and even add a couple’s logo to ensure your QR code stands out for all the right reasons.

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  • Put Your Wedding Photo QR Code on Thank You Cards

    Go the extra mile by adding a QR code for wedding photos into your thank you cards. Especially as you can design your QR code to fit the aesthetics of your thank you card, and provide attendees easy access to some of the best snaps from the big day!
  • Embed Your Wedding Photo QR Code on Your Resume

    Wedding photo QR codes aren’t just for wedded couples and attendees. They can be used professionally, too! If you’re a wedding photographer, add a QR code to your physical resumes, so that clients are able to view a bespoke gallery of your best shots.
  • Add Your Wedding Photo QR Code on Tables

    By putting a QR code on tables, you can allow guests to share their own photos from the wedding on a platform of your choice. That way, you can ensure no memory is missed, and allow your guests to get in on the fun too.

How to generate a QR code for wedding photos

To generate a QR code for you wedding photos, follow these steps:

  1. Decide What Photos to Include: Choose what photos you want in your gallery. Remember, you can upload ten per QR code.
  2. Visit Navigate to and choose ‘Create my QR code’.
  3. Select the Wedding Photos QR Code: From here, you’ll be taken to a page where you can upload your chosen files. You can name each photo, and provide personalized descriptions for each. 
  4. Design Your QR Code: Customize your QR code to match the elegance and theme of your wedding.
  5. Generate and Download: Create your QR code in various formats suitable for print and digital invites. If you’re printing the QR code, we recommend the SVG format, which will allow you to resize the QR code without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose QR Codes for Wedding Memories?

QR codes for wedding photos are among the best ways to share your favorite snaps from the big day. Not only are they extremely cost-effective (in comparison to physical photo printing or albums), but they can also be personalized to fit the aesthetics of your wedding. 
Rather than sending ugly URLs over text or messaging apps, which can seem impersonal, you can send a beautifully designed QR code which allows your guests to access a digital gallery of your favorite photos. Not only does it make the experience of sharing wedding photos that much more enjoyable, but it’ll leave a good impression on your attendees, too.

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Why Choose QR Codes to Share Wedding Photos Over Traditional Methods

Printing out photos to send to every guest can be extremely expensive. Especially if your guest list is large, and you want to print on quality paper. Add these costs onto the already enormous expense of a wedding and your budget will definitely be hurting. 
But with QR codes, you can simply embed them on wedding thank you cards, and allow your guests to access a digital gallery easily. Plus, physical photos can be easily damaged or lost. This isn’t a problem with digital photos, which can be downloaded as many times as required. 
And keep in mind that with My QR Code, you can generate multiple QR codes for different recipients, allowing you to personalize each gallery for each guest. This adds an extra layer of personalization, which is sure to leave an impression. 

Pros of QR Codes for Wedding Photos: 

There’s plenty of pros to using QR codes for wedding photos, but let’s condense it down for all you skimmers out there:

  1. Easy to Share Photos: With just a quick scan, guests can access up to ten photos of the big day,
  2. Embed Them Anywhere: From tables, wedding signage, thank you cards, and more,
  3. Simple to Customize: You can design your QR code in any way you want, to ensure it fits in with your wedding aesthetic,
  4. Great for Portfolios: You can share a QR code with potential clients to provide them a gallery of your best photos, 
  5. Curate Galleries for Every Guest: You can generate multiple QR codes and include photos that only include the guest in question, making for a much more personable experience,
  6. Cost Effective: Generating QR codes for your wedding photos is much more cost-effective than printing an endless number of photos. 

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Cons of QR Codes for Wedding Photos

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the cons associated with QR codes for wedding photos:

  1. Requires Internet Connectivity: For rural areas with reduced connectivity, the need for constant internet connection could be an issue, 
  2. Requires Backup: Digital photos aren’t always forever. If a QR code or the photos within are deleted, they’re gone. But, as long as you’re backing up your photos, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

    Wedding Photo Challenges Solved by QR Codes

    One of the biggest wedding photo challenges that are solved by QR codes is the fact you can ensure everyone has access to your photos. Traditionally, physical photos were the only way to capture wedding memories. But due to high printing costs, you could only really send photos to a limited number of people. That isn’t a problem with QR codes, however, as they can be easily sent both digitally and on physical items. 

Also, if you were compiling every photo of the big day in a huge digital gallery, it can run the risk of seeming impersonal. Most guests want to see photos that they’re actually in. By using QR codes, you can ensure you’re only adding photos with the recipient, ensuring they won’t have to scroll through lengthy galleries to find the images they want. 

QR Code Generator For Wedding Photos

Our QR code generator is perfect for wedding photos, especially as QR codes can be designed to fit any specification. Whether you want to match the color of your thank you cards, add your own couple’s logo, or more, you can do it with the My QR Code platform. And don’t forget; you can change galleries at any time, adding or removing photos as you please, with our dynamic QR codes. 

And if you’re not quite out of the planning stage yet, we also have a QR code for wedding invitations specifically. Include seating plans, RSVP pages, and more, so you can remove some of the stress before the big day.

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