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Transport clients to your calendar in seconds and streamline the booking process by using QR codes

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How Do I Generate a QR Code for my Calendar?

To generate a QR code for calendars, simply click ‘Calendar URL’ below, input the link to your calendar, and then design a QR code to suit your aesthetic tastes.


How can I use Calendar QR Codes to Increase My Bookings?

Sharing a QR code for calendars is effortless, across both physical and digital spaces. With a simple scan, clients can book time slots with you instantly by being transported to your calendar app of choice.

Considering that there were 97 million scans in the US in 2023 alone, they’re also an incredibly popular way to access digital information. That’s not to mention that using QR codes for calendar bookings can give your clients a more modern and professional perception of you. 

Plus, with MyQRCode, you can ensure that your QR codes are an extension of your personal brand. We allow you to change the color, QR patterns and corner squares, and even add your logo to provide your clients with a fully branded experience when they use your calendar QR code.

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  • Put Your Calendar QR Code on Business Cards

    By putting your QR code on business cards, clients and network contacts can book appointments with you instantly. Plus, it adds an extra layer of utility to your business card. What’s not to love?
  • Send Calendar QR Codes Over Email

    With a simple scan, users can book with you instantly directly from an email message. Plus, it provides a much more professional appeal rather than just sending a naked link in the body of your email.
  • Put Your Calendar QR Code on Social Media

    For those of you with business pages on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, QR codes can be easily shared, allowing clients to book appointments with you directly from your social media page!

The QR Code Calendar Event Generator has made it much easier to schedule events and send out reminders to guests. With this app, event planners can put all the pertinent information, including the time, place, and date, into a single QR code. After then, everyone in attendance may simply scan the code to mark the event on their own personal calendars. Using MyQRCode, you can easily and quickly create these functioning QR codes, and you can even personalize them to match the theme of your event. By providing a digital answer to a long-standing organizational problem, the QR Code Calendar Event Generator is, in general, changing the game when it comes to time and commitment management.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron