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Use QR codes to transport users to research materials quickly, perfect for dissertations, marketers, and more

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How to Generate a QR Code for Research Papers?

Research paper QR codes have a lot of utility. They can be used to grant shareholders access to marketing research, and can even be used within schools and universities to share important learning materials and academic studies with students. And there’s no limit to how QR codes can be shared, whether you want to do so digitally or physically.


QR code use is becoming more popular by the year, with an estimated 98 million users by the end of 2024 (Statista). QR codes are a modern way to present information, and with the increasing adoption rates, they should always be provided as a method to access information. And with MyQRCode, you can generate dynamic QR codes, ensuring that you can keep research papers updated, or link to new research papers if one study becomes obsolete. All without having to generate new QR codes.

Put Research Paper QR Codes on Exam Prep Checklists

As a lecturer, you can help your students prepare for important exams by providing a list of QR codes to useful research papers which will be useful for upcoming tests. This can be perfect for sociological and scientific schools of study where students have to cite sources frequently.

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  • Share Research Paper QR Codes in Shareholder Meetings

    This is perfect for remote shareholder meetings, where a QR code can grant easy access to product or marketing research findings to each individual shareholder. Plus, it’s a much more professional way to share your research papers rather than simply sharing a naked link.
  • Put Research Paper QR Codes on Posters

    Perfect for educational or professional settings where you want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Posters can be placed in high traffic areas, where they can be scanned by passersby easily.

For the growth of knowledge in the academic world, research papers must be easily accessible and published in a timely manner. To make this procedure easier for academics, students, and libraries, MyQRCode has created the Research Papers QR Code Generator. Scholars and learners have instantaneous access to a treasure trove of academic information using this technology, which generates QR codes connected to research articles. Journal articles, conference materials, and academic posters can all benefit from include these QR codes, which can be scanned to access research papers. This will help to create a more accessible and interconnected intellectual community. In addition to facilitating easier access to academic papers, MyQRCode promotes the wider dissemination of research results. Research Papers QR Code Generator is a great tool for modern academics to improve the dissemination and consumption of academic papers.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron