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Get More Applicants with a QR Code for Job Posts

Advertise company openings effectively by using QR codes, and increase the number of applications for your job posts

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How to Generate a QR Code for Job Posts

Generating your own job post QR code is easy. Simply click ‘Job Post URL’ below, paste the link to your job post, and then design a QR code that fits your corporate branding.


How to Use a QR Code for Job Posts to Increase Applications?

QR codes for job posts are perfect for getting more eyes on your open roles. That’s because they can be shared easily across physical and digital realms incredibly easily, allowing you to reach as many potential applicants as possible.

Plus, they can be linked to every job board website on the web, including Indeed, Reed, Monster Jobs, and more. This allows you to reach as large an audience as possible, and will increase the number of applications you get. 

Plus, with MyQRCode, you can ensure your QR code is an extension of your brand, and is easily recognized by potential applicants. Change colors, alter QR patterns and corner squares, and even add a logo to maximize the QR code’s impact.

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  • Share Your Job Post QR Code on Social Media

    If you’ve got a following on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing your QR code on social media is the perfect way to increase your applicant pool.
  • Put Your Job Post QR Code on Company Signage

    If you’ve got a physical storefront, make sure to add a QR code to your signage with a phrase like ‘We’re Hiring!’. Viewers can scan the QR code and be instantly transported to your job posting page.
  • Put your Job Post QR Code on your Website

    For any visitors to your website, you can provide them an opportunity to join your team by embedding a QR code.

Recruiting top talent just got easier with MyQRCode’s Job Post QR Code Generator. This tool is designed to simplify the hiring process for both employers and job seekers. By creating a QR code that links directly to your job listings, potential candidates can easily find and apply to your openings with a simple scan. This approach not only makes it more convenient for candidates to access your vacancies but also speeds up the recruitment process, ensuring a smoother path to securing the right talent. Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, or a growing startup, the Job Post QR Code Generator is an invaluable tool for modernizing your recruitment efforts and attracting the best candidates in an increasingly digital world.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron