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How Do I Generate a QR code for Notion?

To generate your own Notion QR code, simply click ‘Notion URL’, paste the link to your Notion workspace, and then design a QR code to match your branded identity.


How Do I Use Notion QR Codes to Get Teammates Onto Notion?

QR codes can help expedite the process of getting workers and collaborators onto Notion. That’s thanks to the ease at which QR codes can be shared, and the fact that they can transport users to linked Notion pages in an instant.

There’s a reason that nearly 47% of QR codes are linked with URLs, and that’s because they offer a fast, convenient and professional way to transport users to the web pages they need to get to. And that includes Notion. 

Plus, with MyQRCode, you can generate dynamic Notion QR codes. Dynamic QR codes allow you to update your Notion pages, adding new projects, onboarding schemes, and more, without having to generate new QR codes, saving you time and money in the process.

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  • Include Notion QR Codes in Emails

    This is perfect for getting new employees onto Notion, especially if they haven’t been connected to any workplace chats. You can link to onboarding pages on Notion, ensuring that they’ve got all the information they need before they start work.
  • Send Notion QR Codes via Communication Apps

    If you’re using platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can set up a dedicated chat for your Notion QR codes that link to different projects, work materials, and more.
  • Include Notion QR Codes on Office Signage

    For office workers, having a physical option to join Notion workspaces can help save a lot of time, especially as you won’t need to send out separate emails to each team member.

Access to well-organized information must be quick and simple in the hectic work environment of today. The Notion QR Code Generator from MyQRCode provides a quick and easy way to share and access material on Notion. By making QR codes that point directly to particular Notion pages, you can promote more effective knowledge sharing and a more seamless workflow. These QR codes offer a fast link to your Notion content, whether you’re sharing resources, maintaining databases, or organizing project materials. When time is of the essence, it’s especially helpful for team collaborations, meetings, and instructional purposes. This application smoothly integrates into a contemporary, digital-first approach to work and learning, while also improving the way individuals and teams access and engage with information. Anyone wishing to maximize their use of Notion for increased productivity and teamwork must have the Notion QR Code Generator.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron