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How Do I Generate a QR Code for Resumes

To generate your own resume QR Code, simply click ‘Resume URL’ below, input the link to your digital resume, and then design a QR code to represent you professionally


Why Should I Use QR Codes for My Resumes?

The job market is extremely competitive, and every job seeker is looking for methods to help them stand out from the pack. Thankfully, QR codes for resumes can help you do just that, especially as they’re an aesthetically pleasing way to share your resume with recruiters.

QR codes can be shared across a variety of physical and digital spaces, giving you a plenty of options in how you want to showcase your skills. 

And with dynamic QR codes which can be generated on MyQRCode, you can keep your resume updated with past jobs, new skills, and more, without ever having to generate a new QR code!

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  • Put Your Resume QR Code on Your Professional Website

    Professional websites are a great way to sell yourself to recruiters. And, by including a resume QR code, you’re providing them with a portal to all of your past work history and experience. This ensures that your professional website is really making an impact with recruiters!
  • Share Your Resume QR Code on LinkedIn

    Whether you’re networking with other professionals or trying to find your next job, sharing a QR code for your resume can help you build up interest around your professional capabilities.
  • Put Your Resume QR Code on Business Cards

    Providing possible recruiters with business cards can make a seriously good impression. Even more so if you embed a resume QR code, allowing them insight into your working past and acquired skills.

Making a lasting impression in the cutthroat world of job searching is made possible by the Resume QR Code Generator from MyQRCode. Users of this innovative program may create QR codes that go directly to their professional profiles or online resumes. Putting these QR codes on business cards, cover letters, or even email signatures may provide prospective employers a fast and simple way to see your complete credentials and work history. This strategy not only emphasizes your technologically adept approach but also expedites the hiring manager’s procedure and increases the recall value of your application. Regardless of your level of experience—new graduate, seasoned professional, or changing careers—the CV QR Code Generator is an essential tool for updating your job search and guaranteeing your CV gets the attention it merits.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron