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To generate a QR code for Dropbox, simply click the ‘Dropbox URL’ button below, add the URL of a Dropbox folder of your choice, and then design your QR code to match your personal or professional tastes


How Do I Use Dropbox QR Codes to Improve Team Workflows?

QR codes are used in various professional work settings to improve workflows, because they provide easy access to linked apps and files, allowing team members instant access to important documents. And as there’s been around 27 million scans in the first three months of 2024 (Statista), more and more businesses are beginning to adopt them for their business processes.

The beauty of QR codes is that they can be posted practically anywhere. Whether you’re working in a physical office space, or you work remotely, Dropbox QR codes can be used to provide easy access to important files, documents, sheets, and more. All of which can significantly improve the workflows of rank-and-file employees. 

Plus, with MyQRCode, you can customize your Dropbox QR codes to match the aesthetics of your corporate branding. You can change colors, add borders, and include your company logo, which can help improve scan rates by up to 80%!

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  • Put QR Codes in Corporate Emails

    QR codes can be uploaded as attachments to emails, and looks much more professional than simply sending a naked link. Perfect for onboarding materials, shareholder briefs, and more!
  • Send QR Codes for Dropbox on Chat Apps

    If you’re a remote business, QR codes can be easily sent via chat apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Rather than sending individual files, you can just send a QR code for Dropbox and provide access to all the docs your workers need.
  • Place Your Dropbox QR Codes in the Office

    If the files you’re trying to send aren’t directly involved with work, but more to do with office procedures, training manuals, etc., placing your QR code in an easily visible location in your office provides constant access to the files for whoever needs them.

Why Use a QR Code for Dropbox

QR codes for Dropbox are easy to generate, and can be linked to any file on Dropbox. They’re perfect for more professional settings, where they can speed up the collaboration process on work projects by providing instant access to files for team members.

However, QR codes can also be used for more casual purposes, too. Dropbox can be used to share photos, design projects, and even musical projects. And with a QR code, users can access any file they need directly from their smartphone.

How to Generate a QR Code for Dropbox

Generating a QR code for Dropbox is simple, even for complete beginners! Especially with My QR Code, as we’ve built our platform from the ground up with accessibility in mind. But, just in case there’s any confusion, we’ve broken down the whole process into easy-to-follow steps below:

  1. Choose the recommended ‘Dropbox URL’ generator above.
  2. Paste the link to a specific Dropbox file, or group of files and then click ‘Next’
  3. Design your QR code to fit your tastes. Change colors, add logos, and even choose between corner square and QR pattern presets to fully personalize your QR code.
  4. Click ‘Finish’ and then save your QR code as either a PNG, SVG, or JPG to your device.

It’s important to note that JPGs and PNGs are suitable for digital sharing, like emails and messaging apps. However, if you’re looking to print your QR code, we’d recommend the SVG format, as it maintains the visual quality of your QR code when resizing.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron