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Make Connections with Clients Easier with QR Codes for Contact Forms

Get clients to your contact form pages quickly by using QR codes, increasing customer satisfaction and experience in the process

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How Do I Generate a QR Code for Contact Forms?

To generate your own contact form QR code, simply click ‘Contact Form URL’ or ‘Contact Form Text’, and then include a link, or include the information you want to collect, and then design a QR code to fit your brand requirements.


How Do I Use QR Code Contact Forms to Increase Communications with Clients?

QR codes for contact forms allow your clients to access your contact forms within an instant and input their information quickly and efficiently from their mobile phones.

Additionally, QR codes can be shared practically anywhere, across both digital and physical spaces. That means you can collect client contact data across a variety of mediums. Especially when you consider that QR codes are becoming more popular, with 97 million QR codes scanned in 2023 alone (Statista). 

And with MyQRCode, you can make sure your QR codes are instantly recognizable as an asset of your brand. You can change colors to match your company image, and even add a logo to provide a cohesive experience for your clients.

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  • Put Your Contact Form QR Codes on Business Cards

    Business cards are a good way for clients to get your contact information. But, by implementing a QR code for your contact forms, you can make sure it works the other way around, too!
  • Put Contact Form QR Codes on Your Website

    Rather than navigating to contact pages on your website, you can include your QR code on the homepage, providing quick access to your contact forms instantly.
  • Put Contact Forms in Your physical storefronts

    Put Contact Forms in Your physical storefronts to allow customers to contact you with any queries. It can also be an excellent way to collect feedback from customers, too, especially if you’re collecting customer emails.

Any professional or company worth their salt in today’s fast-paced world knows the need of an easily accessible contact form. The Contact Form QR Code Generator by MyQRCode will change the way you communicate with customers and coworkers forever. Create QR codes that go straight to your web contact forms with the help of this cutting-edge tool. Make sure that people can quickly reach out to you with a simple scan by integrating these QR codes into your business cards, promotional materials, or digital platforms using MyQRCode. Our Contact Form QR Code Generator provides an easy approach to build contacts and boost your professional image, whether you’re providing customer service, networking, or seeking feedback.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron