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To generate your own QR code for Surveys, simply click the ‘Survey URL’ below, add the URL to your survey page, and then personalize your QR code to increase the likelihood that it’s scanned.


How do I Implement Survey QR Codes to Increase My Survey Completion Rates?

QR codes provide quick access to web pages, transporting users within a matter of seconds to your survey. With a survey page that’s optimized for mobile devices, you can ensure increased completion rates, especially as QR codes can be shared anywhere across digital and physical spaces.

Paired with the fact that QR code usage rates are increasing by the year, with an expected 2.2 billion users scanning QR codes in 2024 (Statista), QR codes for surveys are a good jumping off point to increase your survey completion rates.

Additionally, if you want to improve your survey QR code scan rates, then you’ll need to make sure to personalize your QR codes and add a CTA, which can increase scan rates by up to 80%. All of this can be done easily on My QR Code, as we allow you to change the color, QR patterns, and add borders and logos, ensuring you have all you need to get your scan rates up.

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  • Put QR codes for Surveys in Emails

    If you’re trying to get feedback on a certain product or service, and you’ve got a large email base, sending out your survey QR codes via email will allow you to reach as large an audience as possible. This will help you improve respondent rates drastically.
  • Include Survey QR Codes on Digital Signage

    If you’re hosting an event and want to gather feedback from your guests, include survey QR codes with a call to action on digital signage within your venue and near exits. This is the best way to gather feedback, too, as your company can save on printing costs, and saves guests time as they won’t have to wait in the venue to complete and hand-in completed surveys.
  • Add QR code Surveys on Product Packaging

    It can be difficult to gather feedback on physical products, as you won’t have an email list you can pull names from (usually). By adding a QR code to product packaging, you can ensure that you at least get some usable data back from your customers once they’ve purchased your products.
  • Include Survey QR Codes on Your Website

    This can be an excellent method for SaaS companies or digital service providers to gain some valuable customer feedback. Plus, with My QR Code’s dynamic QR codes, you can change the details on your survey without ever having to generate new QR codes. A huge bonus.

In an age where feedback and data are invaluable, MyQRCode’s Surveys and Polls QR Code Generator is a game-changer for researchers, marketers, and event organizers. This tool simplifies the process of gathering opinions by converting survey and poll links into easily scannable QR codes. Placed on promotional materials, presentations, or event spaces, these QR codes offer a convenient and direct route for participants to voice their opinions or feedback. Whether it’s for market research, academic studies, or gathering attendee input at events, MyQRCode’s generator enhances participation rates by making it straightforward for people to engage. This approach not only streamlines data collection but also encourages interactive and immediate responses, providing valuable insights in real-time. Embrace the power of instant feedback with the Surveys and Polls QR Code Generator, a must-have tool for effective and engaging data collection.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron