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Collect User Feedback Instantly with a QR Code for Trustpilot

Generate a QR code for Trustpilot to transport users directly to your Trustpilot review page, allowing you to collect reviews effortlessly

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How to Generate a QR Code for Trustpilot

To generate your own Trustpilot QR code, simply click ‘Trustpilot URL’ below, paste the link to your Trustpilot review page, and then design a QR code to fit your brand requirements


How can I Get More Reviews on Trustpilot with QR Codes?

QR codes can be embedded practically anywhere, which will help you get more reviews in the long run. As long as you’re putting your Trustpilot QR codes in easily visible, high-traffic locations in physical storefronts, restaurants, or even online, you should have no trouble collecting feedback.

QR code use is expanding year-on-year, too, with around 91 million users in 2023 alone. More users are beginning to adopt QR codes, especially as they’re the most convenient way to access digital information and pages. So, if you’re providing an easy method for customers to provide feedback, you can expect higher review numbers! 

And don’t forget, with MyQRCode, you can personalize your QR code any way you want. Change colors, add logos, and choose between border, corner square, and QR pattern presets to really make an impression on your customers!

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  • Put Trustpilot QR Codes on Restaurant Signage

    Restaurants can utilize QR codes to get reviews on the overall dining experience they offer. QR codes can be placed on signs near exits to ensure that customers are more likely to scan and leave a review.
  • Put Trustpilot QR Codes in Reception Areas

    For hotels, guests can scan a QR code on a reception desk during the check-out process to leave a quick review of their experience.
  • Place a Trustpilot QR Code on Product Packaging

    Placing a QR code on product packaging allows customers to leave reviews on your products, which could help you gain more sales in the long run! Just make sure the QR code is clearly labelled on the packaging, to ensure customers will actually scan it.

Trustpilot reviews are crucial to collect, as consumers trust user feedback. A business with a Trustpilot page containing positive reviews is sure to see an increase in business. But how exactly does a business collect reviews, or direct customers to Trustpilot in the first place?

With a QR code of course! And with My QR Code, you can generate a Trustpilot QR code in a matter of minutes, and even design the QR code to fit your own branded identity. With a simple scan, customers are transported to your Trustpilot review page, where they can either view other customers’ experiences, or leave a review of their own.

QR codes for Trustpilot can be placed around businesses like hotels and restaurants, and even on product packaging or ads, ensuring your business is reaching as many users as possible. So give our QR code generator a try today, and start collecting reviews quickly and efficiently!

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron