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Direct employees to Slack work chats almost instantly by using QR codes

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How Do I Generate a QR Code for Slack

To generate your own Slack QR code, simply click ‘Slack URL’ below, paste the link to your work chat, and then design a QR code that ties in with your brand identity.


Why Should I Use QR Codes for Slack?

Slack QR codes make the process of joining Slack for new employees a cakewalk. Users simply have to scan the QR code, and they’re instantly transported to your workspace chats.

This is perfect for remote or hybrid companies, as it reduces the time needed to onboard new employees, especially as Slack QR codes can be sent over digital messages.

Plus, MyQRCode allows you to design your QR code for Slack to ensure that its a proper extension of your company branding. You can change colors, choose between QR pattern and border presets, and even add a logo, to ensure it’s easily recognized by new employees.

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  • Send Slack QR Codes Over Email

    Emails are used to send all manner of onboarding materials, so it’s the perfect place to send your QR codes for Slack, too.
  • Include Your Slack QR Code in Company Welcome Packages

    For in-person work spaces, including a printed QR code in your welcome packages ensures that new employees are able to join workchats quickly, allowing them to start collaborating with team mates instantly.
  • Send Slack QR Codes Over SMS

    For businesses that provide their employees company mobiles, sending a QR code for Slack allows new employees to quickly join the app through their new smartphone. That means they can collaborate and access workchats wherever they are.

MyQRCode’s Slack QR Code Generator is a valuable asset for any collaborative environment. This tool allows teams to generate QR codes that provide immediate access to specific Slack channels or entire workspaces. It’s an innovative way to streamline the process of joining team discussions and collaborations, particularly for new members or guests. By scanning a QR code, team members can quickly find themselves in the right place to contribute, share, and communicate, making it easier than ever to stay connected and aligned. Whether for project teams, company-wide communications, or community groups, the Slack QR Code Generator is an essential tool for enhancing team interaction and ensuring everyone is just a scan away from being part of the conversation.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron