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Get More People on Your Email Contact List with a QR Code for Email

Use QR codes to provide more users with your email contact details, or to transport them directly to your email contact profile

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How to Generate a QR Code for Email

To generate your own email QR code, simply click ‘Email URL’ below and paste your contact link, or choose ‘vCard’ where you can add in your email details, and then design a QR code to suit your specifications


Why Should I Use an Email QR Code?

A QR code for email is a convenient way to connect clients, networking professionals, and even friends and family to your email. QR codes can be shared across all manner of media, which allows you to make connections both in physical and digital spaces.

Not to mention, it’s a sleek and modern way to share your email information, which is sure to make an impression on viewers. Especially if the QR code connects to a professional page which presents your contact information clearly. 

And with MyQRCode, you can design a QR code that represents you perfectly. You can change colors, choose between QR pattern and corner square presets, and even add your own logo to make your QR code that much more personal.

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  • Add Your Email QR Code onto a Business Card

    While your business card might already contain your contact information, why not make the process of finding you more convenient with an email QR code? That way, users just have to scan, and they’ll find you in an instant. No more having to type in your name manually, which will help save a lot of time.
  • Add Your Email QR Code onto Event Signage

    If you’re a speaker at an event, make sure to add a QR code for emails onto your signage or posters. That way, attendees can connect with you even after the event is over, enhancing your networking capabilities.
  • Add Your Email QR Code in Stores

    If you’re running a store and you handle your customer service queries via email, make sure to add your QR code for email somewhere visible in your store. That way, you can showcase to your customers that you’re open to communication, and actually care about their feedback!

In a world where email remains a vital form of communication, the Email QR Code Generator is making it simpler than ever to share your email address or even compose a pre-written message. With a scan of the QR code, individuals can instantly populate an email draft directed to a specified address, thus eliminating the need for manual entry. MyQRCode is at the forefront of this technology, offering a user-friendly interface for creating these unique QR codes. The customization options ensure that the generated code aligns well with your branding or campaign needs. Overall, the Email QR Code Generator is a remarkable tool for both personal and business use, simplifying and expediting email-based interactions.

Yuriy Byron
Written by Yuriy Byron