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Studying can be pretty tedious. Long hours spent poring away at books and notes, trawling the web for any useful information that’ll help out in subsequent tests and lessons… It can be pretty tough. But, if students were able to access study materials almost instantly with a quick scan of a smartphone (something that all students have), the process of studying can be much more efficient. 

That’s where QR codes come in. They can help students access a wealth of information quickly, making the act of studying a little easier. And at MyQRCode, we’re all about improving the accessibility of digital content with QR codes. And in this article, we’re going to show you why QR codes for study materials can be an absolute gamechanger. Let’s dive in.  

Why Use QR Codes for Accessing Study Materials?

Studying can already be a massive time-sink, especially if students aren’t efficient in the usage of their time. With QR codes, you can ensure that your students have access to all the right materials instantly, which can have an impact on student grades, especially for the all-night crammers. 

QR codes can also be good for teachers and lecturers, too. Especially as they allow you to curate what study materials can be accessed with QR codes. Considering that 70% of students find it difficult to maintain high levels of concentration when studying anyway (Gitnux),  imagine the negative impact that searching through the web or textbooks for an obscure piece of information can have on that already depressing number. With QR codes for accessing study materials, you can create a curated list of materials that you know is going to benefit your students, and ensure they’re using their time efficiently. 

How can QR Codes Improve Access to Study Materials?

Now that you’ve got a better idea on why using QR codes to access study materials can be beneficial, it’s time to look at how QR codes are improving multiple aspects of the study process. It’s almost surprising how such a small (and cost-effective!) implementation can completely level-up the studying game. Take a look below to see how they’re doing this:

Streamline Learning: Unlock Essential Study Materials Instantly with QR Codes

Considering that just over 50% of students study between 0-2 hours a day, you’ll want to ensure they’re using that short amount of time efficiently (Grand Canyon University). With QR codes, you can ensure students access only the most essential study materials that are going to be useful for lessons or tests. This can be especially useful for those studying before an exam, especially as around 34% of students prep for exams 2-4 days in advance (GCU).

Improve Access to Study Materials with Embedded QR Codes

QR codes can drastically improve access to lecture notes, webpages, past test questions, and more. It completely removes the need for students to search for these items themselves, or trawl over their own notes for information said within lectures. Considering as well that online learning can increase information retention in students by 60%, using QR codes to access study materials has never been more important. 

The Rise of Remote Learning and QR Codes

Considering that in 2021, almost 26% of students studied exclusively online, QR codes can help those students access materials and classrooms effectively. Considering as well that remote learning is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the post-pandemic world, utilizing QR codes can help classrooms keep up with the times much more effectively. 

Personalized Learning Portals Matter!

In today’s digital age, personalized learning portals are indispensable tools for students and educational institutions alike. These portals cater to individual learning needs, offering tailored resources and interactive experiences that foster academic success and engagement. Here’s why personalized learning portals matter:

  1. 73% of students show increased academic performance through personalized learning portals. (EdSurge 2023)
  2. Educational institutions implementing personalized learning portals report a 60% rise in student satisfaction. (Inside Higher Ed 2024)
  3. 85% of educators agree that personalized learning portals enhance student motivation and participation. (Education Today 2023)
  4. Personalized learning portals contribute to a 45% reduction in dropout rates among students. (The Times 2022)
  5. Over 80% of surveyed students express a preference for personalized learning portals over traditional methods. (Forbes 2024)

With personalized learning portals, students can access study materials tailored to their learning styles, pace, and interests. Educational institutions benefit from improved student outcomes and increased satisfaction. Invest in personalized learning portals to unlock the full potential of education and empower students to thrive in their academic journey.

QR code generator for Access to Study Materials

As you can see, QR codes for access to study materials can make a huge difference to both students and teachers. They help improve access, and even provide the opportunity for lecturers to create a curated list of topics that they know will be useful for students. 

If you’re looking to jump onto this tech-wave and make online learning processes that much smoother, you’re in the right place! You can use MyQRCode’s QR Code Generator to generate a QR code in minutes. Plus, you’ve got a host of design templates to choose from, to tweak the appearance of your QR code to fit your preferences. What’s not to love? Get generating today!

Trevor Joseph
Written by Trevor Joseph